String Labs

An open chain

String Labs is a team of crypto architects, engineers and researchers developing and incubating open chain systems and applications. We believe that open blockchain benefits everyone due to network effects, interoperability and permission-less innovation.

Our work span across financial systems, protocols and infrastructure. We adopt a unique venture backing + crowd distribution hybrid model that ensures sustainability and decentralization.

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dominic williams
serial entrepreneur, senior engineer and consensus systems researcher, previously founded Pebble cryptocurrency and FightMyMonster (3mm+ user MMO game).
tom ding
serial entrepreneur, previously co-founded Blockchain University and Koinify.
gustav simonsson
founding engineer
core dev and security engineer @ethereum, previously @SumUp.
timo hanke, ph.d
crypto researcher
researcher and lecturer in cryptography, mathematics, and computer algebra, inventor of AsicBoost and designer of 16nm ASICs.
patrick schilz
biz dev
blockchain entrepreneur, previously investment banker @JPMorgan and founded cf-x Advisory.
henry yu
legal & biz dev
legal and business dev for asia markets, member of Hong Kong FinTech steering committee, formerly executive director in compliance at ICBC.
prof. houman shadab
crypto & law
director at NY law school and expert at the intersection of law & crypto. Testified before CFTC on Bitcoin Derivatives and before Congress on hedge funds and the financial crisis.
prof. will cong
financial markets
professor of finance at U. of Chicago & George Shultz Scholar at Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. Research interest: options market & financial intermediation.

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