Proof of Stake Panel - Ethereum Event@VISA HQ

Ethereum Silicon Valley organized an awesome half day event at VISA headquarter in Foster City, with excellent talks including Ethereum Mauve paper, Filecoin, State of SNARK and Proof of Stake.

Our own Dominic Williams was invited as a panelist on Proof-of-Stake, along with Vitalik, Vlad Zamfir and Jae Kwon, moderated by Martin Koppelman of Gnosis.

For those impatient, you might want to check out 13:52 for some of Dominic’s core thinking on scalable blockchain:

"I believe that it will be proven with theoratical computer science, that in no way it will be possible to create an infinitely scalable virtual machine without such (incorruptible) source of randomness." - Dominic
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Posted by Tom Ding

Tom Ding
Tom is CEO of String Labs.