Our Quest for a Decentralized Cloud

On this Epicenter episode, Tom and Dominic shared our quest for building a massively scalable decentralized cloud - including the underlying crypto:3 protocol techniques such as Threshold Relay Chain which is at core of DFINITY, why governance matter to mass adoption of blockchain, and how “Blockchain Nervous System” could multiply speed of protocol iteration without fragmenting the community. Finally, they discussed why it’s crucial for private and public blockchains to be able to work together.


  • 02:00 How did they get involved in the Crypto and blockchain industry, and the journey of String Labs
  • 14:12 Differentiation between Ethereum and Dfinity
  • 16:57 Reasoning behind Dfinity building everything into one core system
  • 20:59 How does Dfinity accomplish “infinite scaleable” cloud
  • 25:40 Proof of Work and Randomness in a Decentralized Cloud
  • 38:34 Mechanics of Dfinity Governance System
  • 1:01:07 Business Model of Dfinity and String Labs
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Posted by Tomomi Menjo

Tomomi Menjo
Tomomi is a project coordinator at String Labs.