Stanford Computer Forum: Applications of VRF by Dominic Williams

Dominic Williams, CTO of String Labs, presents at Stanford Computer Forum on applications of Verifiable Random Function (VRF).

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Our Quest for a Decentralized Cloud

On this Epicenter episode, Tom and Dominic shared our quest for building a massively scalable decentralized cloud - including the underlying crypto:3 protocol techniques such as Threshold Relay Chain which is at core of DFINITY, why governance matter to mass adoption of blockchain, and how “Blockchain Nervous System” could multiply speed of protocol iteration without fragmenting the community. Finally, they discussed why it’s crucial for private and public blockchains to be able to work together.

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DFINITY Trust Machine Blockchain for Business @ Global Blockchain Summit

Here’s our DFINITY Announcement video (finally!) at Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai.

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Proof of Stake Panel - Ethereum Event@VISA HQ

Ethereum Silicon Valley organized an awesome half day event at VISA headquarter in Foster City, with excellent talks including Ethereum Mauve paper, Filecoin, State of SNARK and Proof of Stake.

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